Considering a timber harvest?

We are buyers of standing timber with a staff of foresters to advise you on the best timber harvest method for your property. We can determine your property's timber value free of charge, and help you manage the timber on your acreage. We buy timber in Western Pennsylvania and South West New York State.

Searching for industrial lumber?

Brush Run Lumber is a manufacturer of industrial lumber products which are cut further to your exact specifications. Our dedicated staff of Amish workers is committed to providing quality lumber products for timely delivery at very competitive prices.

Our sawmill has capacity for producing 200,000 board feet of lumber per week. Products we offer include pre-cut pallet lumber, pallets & pallet repair boards, beveled stakes for boxes, wooden boxes, logging bridges, log cabin siding & logs, and bunks utilized for export lumber.

Species & grade of lumber is selected to best suit each job, then cut to order on our state-of-the-art milling equipment using carbide circular saws designed for smooth cuts. Lumber is then warehoused for just in time delivery to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Brush Run Lumber Facility

Modern offices and spacious warehouses and mills on our five-acre facility.


Brush Run Lumber Equipment

Carbide circular saws are used for the smoothest cut possible.

Carbide circular saw mill used for making precut pallet stock
Carbide circular saws make smooth accurate cuts
Variable sized pallet stock
Precision cut pallet stock

Brush Run Lumber Products

Brush Run Lumber Timber Operations

Timberland is a valuable asset which should be managed properly. Landowners should never assume that woodlands will automatically regenerate the same quality of timber that is presently growing. If managed poorly, long term economic prospects will wane. If managed wisely, the value of a forest can increase significantly over a landowner’s lifetime.

We Offer Landowners the Following:

  • Full Payment Before any Timber is Removed
  • Selective and Shelterwood Harvests / Timber Stand Improvement
  • Skidding with Horses or Modern Equipment
  • Certificates of Full Insurance Coverage
  • A Long List of Satisfied Landowner References
  • Finder's Fees for Referrals to Timber that We Purchase
  • Our Firm Commitment that Landowner Satisfaction is Priority #1

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